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District Commissioner

Colin Robertson

Depute District Commissioner

Mark Wright

Assistant District Commissioners (ADC'S)

District Youth Commissioner: Gwen Wells

District Explorer Scouts Commissioner:  

District Scout Network Commissioner:  Athol Murray

ADC Beavers:  Colin Campbell

ADC Cubs:  Kevin Simpson

ADC Scouts:  Lynne Russell

ADC Adult Training:  

District Support

Appointments Chair:  

Appointments Secretary:  Rosemary Fletcher MBE


Scout Active Support Manager: 

Water Scout Active Support Manager:  Charlie Rowley

Water Scout Active Support Coordinator:  Mark Wright


District Explorer Scout Young Leaders:  Claire Cowie

District Quartermaster:  Roy McQuaker

Badge Secretary:  Janice Lawson


Gang Show:  Scott Park

Invertrossachs Camp Site and Acitivty Centre

Bookings:  Catherine Collington

Site Manager:  Colin Smith 


Invertrossachs Watersport Team

Ben Rowley

Charlie Rowley

Colin Smith

Mark Wright

Office Bearers

Chair: Kieran Meiklejohn                

Secretary:  Liz Kliskey

Treasurer: Gareth Raymond

DC: Colin Robertson

District Executive Elected Members

Chris Keenan

Athol Murray

Malcolm Brown

District Executive Nominated Members

Mark Wright

Claire Cowie

David Wilson

Keiran Meiklejohn

John Dymond

District Executive Lay Members

Bruce Michie

Scott Park

Gordon Kerr

Gordon McLean

Roy McQuaker

Douglas Harper

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