Community Activities

We heard at recent strategy sessions how many activities go on across the district with local communities.  This page is to recognise and to share that activity.  Please send me details / pictures of any activity that you're aware of so that we can build up the view on this page This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some Examples are :

- Food Bank - even Beavers helping here

- Twinning arrangements through churches

- Citizens for Sanctuary help with refugees

- Rememberance / Armistice Day


Project / Volunteer Matching Noticeboard

We'll be setting up a noticeboard here listing both volunteering opportunities in the district and those who are looking for an opportunity.


Community Impact Badge

The Community Impact badge was seen as something that we should encourage across the district, partly so that we can showcase the huge amount of work already going on.


Local Charity Partner

There's an appetite to select one or more key local charity partners.  More on this shortly as we set up a survey on that.


New Adult Volunteers 

When you completed your application to become a Leader, Assistant Leader or Section Assistant, your Line Manager (usually the Group Scout Leader - GSL) should have given you a pack of leaflets. These cover a range of topics including The Scout Association’s policies and important procedures in particular those relating to Safeguarding (child protection) and Safety.  This pack will help you to complete a set of three modules which are part of the Induction process for all new members and associate members.

(If you did not receive a pack, please ask your GSL / Line manager for one, or contact Calum Thomson ( )

Training for your role

Training to support you in your role is obligatory, and in signing your application to become a leader you agreed to undertake this training.  Forth Region issues a schedule of learning opportunities for all modules but some learning is available on-line – you do not necessarily have to attend a training course. When you meet with your Training Adviser (TA) relevant prior learning and experience will also be taken into account when agreeing your Personal Learning Plan.

Dates for a range of Modules are in the EVENTS calendar on the District website.

Validation - this ensures that you have understood the content of the module and can put your learning into practice. You will need to validate each module with your TA. You and your TA will meet from time to time to discuss what you have learned. Sometimes you may have to provide documentary evidence of your learning and understanding.

You can see the Training Module and validation requirements for leaders and managers in the Leader’s Training Guide and Manager’s Training Guide on the Scottish Scout website. The Personal Learning Plan template can be completed and e-mailed between you and your TA as and when validations are updated.

Leader's Training Guide  Wood Badge guidance for changing section

Getting Started modules:

The core information for the first modules that you should do within 5 months of your appointment can be found on


Essential information - e-learning

Tools for the role - e-learning,223,235&moduleID=10

When you have completed the online learning and have read the recommended documentation for these modules, contact your TA who will meet with you and discuss how you can validate the learning you have completed.

GDPR module - this is a new e-learning package which every adult member must complete by December 31st 2018

Mandatory training

 Everyone who is due for a 5 year review must be able to demonstrate that they have completed:

  •"); line-height: normal; margin: 0px; font-family: Arial; background-position: 18px 8px; background-repeat: no-repeat;">Safety Training: face-to-face training or online learning – renew every 5 years
  •"); line-height: normal; margin: 0px; font-family: Arial; background-position: 18px 8px; background-repeat: no-repeat;">Safeguarding Awareness: face-to-face training or online learning – renew every 5 years
  •"); line-height: normal; margin: 0px; font-family: Arial; background-position: 18px 8px; background-repeat: no-repeat;">First Response: A  6 hour session (Module 10) – renew every 3 years

Learning methods for Safeguarding awareness (child protection and anti-bullying) and Safety must be alternated: i.e. if you recently did the online version, the next time you must attend a training session and vice versa.

Safety training can be accessed by one of two links: 

Safeguarding awareness training can be accessed with this link:

First Response is a taught course developed by the Scout Association and GirlGuiding UK. The certificate is valid for 3 years after which a refresher can be taken. The full course must be repeated every 6 years. Alternative First Aid courses which meet the Scout Association’s minimum requirements may be acceptable.

For further information see First Response definition and equivalents:


Visit and join the (private) Facebook Group for Stirling & Trossachs Leaders for the latest posts/queries/event photos and more.  

All leaders in S&T District are eligible - just click on the button to find it and request to join!  [You will need a Facebook account.]


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Training is broken down into a number of modules, some of which are specific to your particular role.  These modules may be available online via the Scouts web site or may require face to face training.  These courses will be available at the times detailed in the calendars on the following pages.  You will be allocated a Training Advisor who may be your GSL but will typically be someone local to the group.  Online training modules are here


Validation is required to ensure that you have understood the training.  Your Training Advisor (TA) will carry out the validation via a chat, a visit to a programme night or in other ways as advised in the Leader’s Training Guide here

 Scout Logo

Getting Started is a set of four modules which should be taken within 5 months of taking up a role.  These typically involve face to face courses although can be done online.  They also include setting up a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and validation which would be done with your TA.  A PLP is shown on the next page


Safety & Safeguarding are two modules which are mandatory (along with first aid) and must be repeated at least every five years.  They are available as e-learning, but for every second refresh, must be taken face to face. They are initially done as part of Getting Started. GDPR (data protection) should also be taken with Getting Started.

 First Aid

First Aid (also known as First Response) is mandatory to be renewed every 3 years.  Renewal is alternatively via a Refresher course (typically half day) and full course (typically whole day).


A  Nights Away Permit is required before leaders can support young people on a residential experience.  The achievement of this can validate the Residential Experiences course Module 16, although module 38 is often taken to support.

 Wood Badge

The Wood Badge is achieved following the remaining relevant modules. These include People modules around leadership skills, promoting positive behaviour, Growing the section, Working with Adults and Supporting Young People.  The Programme includes modules to assist with programme planning, safe activities, practical skills and International.  


Compass is a database used to record all leader training.  You will receive access to this after completion of modules 1-3 (Getting Started), Approvals and PVG.


Good Luck!  Much of this training should be enjoyable as well as a chance to meet with your fellow leaders.  Your TA and your GSL should be your main contact but if you need any help please contact Calum Thomson (Assistant District Commissioner for Adult Training) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our Facebook group