Personal Learning Plan


No Module Who for? Learning Method Next Course Available Location Example Validation Method
1 Essential Information All E-learning     Risk Assessment
2 PLP All 121     Agree PLP with TA
3&4 Tools for Role All E-learning     Plan & Run Section Mtg (SL)
  Safety All E-learning     Note : Mandatory / Every 2nd F2F
  Safeguarding All E-learning     Note : Mandatory / Every 2nd F2F
  GDPR All E-learning     Note : Mandatory   
5 Fundamentals All E-learning 23/03/2019 Tullibody Deliver Activity to demonstrate  fundamentals
6 Changes in Scouting All Course 23/03/2019 Tullibody Questionnaire & Activity
7 Scouting for all All Workbook 23/03/2019 Tullibody Outline & Demo of EOP
8 Skills of Leadership Section Course 23/03/2019 Tullibody Planning tool / run activity
9 Working with Adults Section Course     Demo helping others
10 First Aid (Response) All Course     Note : Mandatory   
11 Admin All E-learning     Record maintenance
12 Programme Planning All Course 24/03/2019 Tullibody Programme plan
13 Growing the Section Section Course 27/02/2019 West Lothian Development plan
14 Supporting Young People Section Course 04/02/2019 West Lothian Action plan
15 Promoting positive B Section Course     Code of Conduct
16 Nights Away Section Course     Joining Instructions, programme, team list, kit list, risk assessment & menu
17 Running Safe Activities Section Course     Plan & Lead Activity
18 Practical Skills Section Course


Beechwood Demo or teach practical skill
19 International Section Course     Plan & Run international themed event
25 Assessing Learning   Course 23/02/2019  Beechwood Training Advisors
28 Facilitation   Course TBA   Trainers
29 Presenting   Course TBA   Trainers
38 Skills for Residential   Course 18/05/2019 Barrwood Helps towards Nights Away Permit