We have changed the booking system to one hosted by Online Scout Manager (OSM). All campsite bookings from now on should be made through the OSM Venue Management website. We hope you will find this a great improvement and easy to use, but if you have any problems, difficulties or queries please contact the Booking Secretary.

You need to sign into OSM to make a booking. If you already have an OSM account, please login as normal, choose ‘my venue booking’ from the left hand menu, then select Invertrossachs.

New users should visit the site below to view availability and sign up to book:


All payments require to be made online using a debit or credit card.

All bookings must also be made at least 7 days in advance.

Initially, this will only apply to the use of the campsite, and all visitors to the site, whether for an evening visit for a couple of hours or a summer camp, must use this system. Booking of Water Activities will still be carried out as below until the new system is further developed.


If you are wanting to arrange Water Activities, complete the WATER ACTIVITY ENQUIRY FORM (complete here) . If this is an essential part of your Camp or Activity, this should be confirmed before making the Booking Application on OSM, and paying the deposit. Once your request has been processed you will receive a confirmation email with details of your booking. 

Please note, anyone booking to do water activities should also make a site booking for day visitors. Water bookings will NOT be confirmed until site booking has been made.


Current bookings can be found in the calander at the bottom of this page.


Payment should be made WITHIN TWO WEEKS of your Activity or Camp, 


Campsite Charges - Rates effective from 1 April 2024 


 Non-Scouting Groups - add 20% to rates shown below.

Camper-night charge 

1st Apr - 31st Oct £3.80 per person per night  

1st Nov - 31st Mar £3.30 per person per night in winter (Water likely to be switched off)  

Day visitor 

      Part Day (a.m./p.m./eve)  £1.10 per person 

      Day                                £2.20 per person  

Cabin (in addition to above rates)

Per 24-hour period     £33.00  

Barbecue and gas      £15.00 per day

Bookings Mrs Catherine Collington (click for contact information or to send an email)





Stand up Paddleboards 



£3.30 per person per session, or £6.60 per person per day. (Session is am / pm / evening and lasts approx. 3.0 hrs.

Rates are inclusive of buoyancy aids, paddles, helmets (if required), etc. Wetsuits are not supplied

If the permitted leaders with a group have multiple permits covering several types of craft then they have the option of booking a MIX of craft (subject to availability.)


If you require permitted leaders to help run these sessions then, subject to availability, we can provide permitted leaders (at a ratio of 1 leader to every 6 young people). The additional cost is £20.00 per leader per 3 hour session.


To book water activities please complete the booking form here

Enquiries to:

Mark Wright (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)