D of E and non-Scouting Groups

Although Invertrossachs is a Scout campsite, we allow groups from out with scouting who are carrying out Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions to use the site as we know it is difficult to find suitable campsites in the locality. We do require, in return, your assurance that the site and facilities will be used in a proper manner. We have over recent years experienced a few poor camping practices by groups carrying out D. of E. Expeditions, so I would like to highlight what we expect of you, as campers.

Most weekends you will be sharing the facilities with at least one Scout Group. The leaders are usually quite approachable if you have a problem, but they are not there to clean up after you.

  1. As the campsite does not have a resident warden, it has to be largely self-regulating and as such, each user group is expected to clean up after them. In your case it would mean ensuring your campsite and toilets are left in a clean and tidy condition. Leave nothing but your footprints!
  2. All campers MUST use the toilet block and not adopt wild camping practices, even if camping on the Woodland site. It is a Scout campsite and most weekends there are children, some as young as six, on site so we must keep the site and it’s environs clean and safe.
  3. Pots, pans, plates, cutlery etc. must NOT be washed in the hand basins in the toilets.
  4. Ladies, please follow the instructions and dispose of sanitary products in the bin provided. Please make sure there is a plastic liner (provided) in the bin. If yours is the only group or the only females using the facilities, before you leave please tie the neck of the liner, dispose of in a wheelie-bin, and replace the liner.
  5. Recycle where possible. Food waste must be disposed of either by putting in plastic bags in the grey bin at the gate, or by burning. The bins are colour coded. Check the notices and put the right stuff in the right bins.
  6. Lights in toilets must be switched off when not required, especially when leaving.
  7. If the site is busy we may only allow a maximum of 12 to camp on any one night, so as not to overload the facilities. 
  8. We would hope to continue supporting D. of E. expeditions. To this end it would be helpful if your expedition supervisors and assessors could ensure that teams leave the site and its facilities in a clean, tidy, and hygienic condition.
  9. Payment of camp fees must be paid promptly within 2 weeks.