We will be scheduling Zoom Training and Validation Sessions shortly.  Please let us know which modules would be of interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you would like a 121 or small group validation session by Zoom, please request if by this address too.  We'll set up a session with one of the team of training advisors.

Wood badge for Section Leaders requires Green, Red & Purple modules ; for Managers & Supporters it's Green, Red and Light Blue.


No Module Who for? Learning Method Validation Method Example Validation Evidence / Activity
1 Essential Information All E-learning Zoom Risk Assessment
1E Essential (Exec) Exec E-learning Zoom Exec Meeting
2 PLP All   Zoom Agree PLP with TA
3 Tools for Role (Section) Section E-learning Zoom Plan & Run Section Mtg (SL)
4 Tools for Role (M&S) M&S E-learning Zoom  
 Mand GDPR All E-learning n/a  
 Mand Safety All E-learning n/a  
 Mand Safeguarding All E-learning n/a  
10 First Aid (Response) All Postponed n/a  
5 Fundamentals All E-learning Zoom Deliver Activity to demonstrate  fundamentals
6 Changes in Scouting All   Zoom Questionnaire & Activity
7 Scouting for all All Workbook Zoom Outline & Demo of EOP
8 Skills of Leadership Section   Zoom Planning tool / run activity
9 Working with Adults Section   Zoom Demo helping others
11 Admin All E-learning Zoom Record maintenance
12 Programme Planning All     Programme plan
13 Growing the Section Section     Development plan
14 Supporting Young People Section     Action plan
15 Promoting positive B Section     Code of Conduct
16 Nights Away Section     Introduction to residential experiences - includes information for Nights away permit assessment
17 Running Safe Activities Section   Zoom Plan & Lead Activity
18 Practical Skills Section   Zoom Demo or teach practical skill
19 International Section     Plan & Run international themed event
20 Administration M&S      
21 Growing the Movement M&S      
22 Section Support M&S      
23 Safety for Mgrs & Supporters M&S      
24 Managing Adults M&S      
25 Assessing Learning M&S     For Training Advisors
26 Supporting Adults M&S      
28 Facilitation Supp     For Trainers
29 Presenting Supp     For Trainers
32 Delivering Learning Supp     For Trainers
38 Skills for Residential experiences Supp     Practical skills required for Nights Away permit asssessment