Water Activity Programme 2020


SAT 29th Feb 2020 - Pool Session

SAT 21st Mar 2020 - Pool Session

SAT 4th Apr 2020 - Kayak B1 Training at Invertrossachs

SAT/SUN 18th & 19th April - Explorer Personal Kayak Permit weekend

SAT 25th Apr 2020 - SPLISH - Checking all equipment + water activity session

SAT 2nd May 2020 - Kayak B1 Training at Invertrossachs

SAT 16th May 2020 - SPLOSH (District Cub Water Activitiy Day at Invertrossachs)

SUN 24th May 2020 - Kayak B1 Training/Assessment at Invertrossachs

SAT 6th June 2020 - Kayak B1 Assessment at Invertrossachs


SAT 22nd Aug 2020 - Canoeing B1 Training

SAT/SUN 5th & 6th Sept 2020 – DROOKIT (Regional Explorer Scout Event at Invertrossachs)

SAT 19th Sep 2020 - Canoeing B1 Training

SAT 3rd Oct 2020 - Canoeing B1 Training/Assessment

SAT 24 Oct 2020 - Canoeing B1 Assessment



We would also like to offer an Explorer Personal Permit weekend camp at some point but would want to speak to the DESCs and others to check for interest.