WATnews is a bi-annual newsletter, primarily for the Water Activities Team, dealing with general news as well as highlighting some aspects of the delivery of water activities at Invertrossachs 

A number of topics that may be of interest to you are listed below, in alphabetical order, and refer you to the issue of WATnews that the items appear.

All WATnews issues can be found on the page of below 




Summary of Topics covered in WATnews

Topic                                                          Issue

Beavers Bell boating - Rules                       1

Bell Boating - Adult ratios                            4

Duty of Care - Group Mnagement               4

Helmets                                                        3

Inventory of equipment                                2

Non-swimmers                                             4

Paddlesport season                                      1

Permit Renewal                                             3 & 4

Reporting damaged or faulty equipment       2

Role of Safety Boat                                       3

Walkie Talkie radios                                      3

Water Activities Core Team 2019                  2

For archive of WATnews issues

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Issue 1                          Issue 3

Issue 2                          Issue 4