Total Campsite capacity under normal circumstances:    

  • up to 3 days/2 nights duration is approx. 60 persons. 
  • over 3 days duration is 50 max.

Contact the Booking Secretary if your numbers exceed the above as, with mitigation, these numbers can be exceeded.

Camping is only permitted at three locations.

East Burnside and West Burnside – these two sites are located on the hillside, adjacent to each other, and are approximately 80 metres from the cabin and car park. Depending on the type of camp, both of these campsites can each accommodate up to 30 persons quite comfortably. Larger groups may book both of these; the combined sites can accommodate in excess of 60. 

The Woodland site is a few minutes’ walk up a fairly steep path and is more suited to lightweight camping. However, some prefer to make the extra effort to use this picturesque and more secluded site. Ideally suited to Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions, the site can comfortably accommodate 12 - 15 hike tents



The cabin comprises a main room (8.0m x 5.5m), kitchen, and large entrance porch with drying and storage areas. The cabin is primarily for day use, but may be used for emergency shelter overnight in exceptional circumstances only (i.e. high winds, tents washed out).

There is electric heating and lighting, a fridge/freezer, electric kettle, toaster and urn, and a gas cooking range. Gas is included in the cabin fee, electricity is ‘pay as you go’ via a coin meter (£1 & £2 coins). Tables, chairs and benches are provided, but users require bringing their own cooking equipment, utensils, crockery and cutlery.



In addition, a large family-size BBQ is available to hire. Available from April to October. 

Ancillary secure storage is available in the green and cream steel shed near the boatsheds. Can be used for bikes, activity equipment, etc. See notice in cabin for access code.

 Toilet and ShowersBBQ Invertrossachs  











Water Supply, Toilets and Showers

Invertrossachs has its own private water supply. Water is collected from the stream above East and West Burnside - this should not be interfered with - and is filtered and treated to provide safe, clean water suitable for drinking to all taps in the cabin/toilet area only. 

The water to the standpipes on East and West Burnside is untreated and is not suitable for drinking, unless boiled.

The water system is shut down and drained from mid-November to the end of March, so there is NO WATER AVAILABLE FROM ANY OF THE TAPS, NO SHOWERS, AND NO FLUSHING TOILETS. if using the site over the winter, bottled water for human consumption should be brought in, whilst water for flushing toilets, etc. has to be carried from the loch.

There is no piped water supply on the Woodland site.

The shower block and a small basic toilet block are located adjacent to the cabin. The toilet block does not have hot water. The shower block incorporates a disabled shower room with toilet - if there no-one with special needs on site, this may be used by adults ONLY.

Chemical toilets if used must not be emptied into the toilet drainage system as this will destroy the bacterial action in the septic tank.


Car Parking

Parking can be an issue as the car park is not huge. The area for parking, which can accommodate around twenty cars in total, is normally adequate, but can prove challenging when multiple groups, minibuses and trailers, or large number of parents cars are accessing the site. Prudent management during periods of high traffic volumes should be considered in order to safeguard pedestrians, avoid accidents, and prevent gridlock on the single-track estate road. Parking on the roadside verge is prohibited.

Controls are in palce for access to the site at weekends. Details of these will be issued along with access codes etc. for the site.