General Site Information and Rules


  • Only camp on your allotted campsite. You may not be the only group camping.
  • Camping on the Activity field in front of the boatshed is not permitted.
  • Camping on the Lochside Activity Area is not permitted.
  • Beware of overhead electricity cables running along the eastern limits of East Burnside.
  • Water from the taps on East and West Burnside is untreated and must be boiled before use.
  • There is no piped water on the Woodland site.
  • Fires are only to be lit in designated fireplaces.
  • During prolonged dry spells, be aware of the fire risk to heath and woodland, especially from sparks carried on the wind. If such conditions prevail, do not light fires.
  • The use of chainsaws is not permitted.
  • Timber and firewood must be stored outwith mown areas.
  • Standing timber must not be cut down. Do not drive nails into live timber.
  • No holes or pits must be dug in the mown areas. Holes or pits, if required, should be located in areas of bracken and the ground reinstated after use.
  • Chemical toilets, if used, must be emptied in pits which must be located in the woods well away from watercourses. They must not be emptied into the toilet drainage system, as this will destroy the bacterial action in the septic tank.
  • Comply with the instructions, located in the back porch of the cabin, regarding the disposal of refuse. Dispose of waste responsibly.
  • Vehicles must park within the cabin parking area only and must not obstruct the road or passing places at any time. No vehicles to be taken on to the foreshore of the loch.
  • Additional storage is available in the cream and green metal shed.

Cabin, Toilets and Showers

  • You are responsible for cleaning up after you. Leave the place as you would expect to find it.
  • Please comply with the instructions in the cabin regarding the testing of smoke detectors etc.
  • Sleeping in the cabin is only allowed in case of emergency.
  • Users must bring their own cooking pots, pans, utensils, plates and cutlery. A few random pots may be available.
  • Users must bring their own First Aid Kit.
  • All taps in the cabin, toilets and showers provide water that is treated and safe to drink.
  • All electrical appliances to be switched off at the wall when leaving.
  • Please do not leave any foodstuffs in the cabin. Leave fridge and freezer doors ajar.
  • Please use anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners sparingly as these reduce the effectiveness of the septic tank. Use the cleaning products provided.


  • Ensure that high standards of camping are maintained and that the Country Code is followed. The estate road and the footpath to Aberfoyle are popular with cyclists and walkers, so please help maintain the good reputation of Scouting.
  • The continued use of all the facilities is dependent on the sensible behaviour of all users, and fostering good relationships with the Estate management, local residents and landowners. Your co-operation in maintaining these relationships will be greatly appreciated. 


The Green Card, Scouting and Alcohol - a Checklist for Adults, sets out the Scout Association's policy on alcohol for all adults involved in Scouting. You can find details on the Scouting website, Life Issues, as you are required to comply with this.

Alcohol and Scouting | Scouts

Non-scouting groups are also expected to follow their own, similar, code of conduct.

In addition, please ensue that any empty alcohol bottles and cans are removed from the site and not disposed of in the bins or boxes.