On this page you can find our District handbook for all of those who are new to Scouting or new to our District. 

It can also be a useful reminder for anyone looking for information about our District or Scouting in general.


Please click on the link below to read and download our handbook:   04-02-2024 An updated version of the Handbook will be available soon reflecting some of the imminent changes. 

Stirling and Trossachs Handbook

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 ST Beaver Challenge


35 years of Beaver Scouts - District Challenge



To celebrate the 35th birthday of Beaver Scouting I have set the following 35 challenges to be completed over this year.

Most can be done at any time; individually, with family, or with your colony (online or face-to-face when allowed) however challenge number 1 – to design a badge will have a deadline of 31st May 2021 so that a winner can be declared and a badge made for all Beavers and Leaders that want one. So good luck, have fun, and keep on Beavering!

1. Design a badge to celebrate our 35th Birthday (entries must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 31st May 2021)

2. Find out about the history of Beaver Scouts and tell your Leader about what you have learned

3. Draw a picture or make a model of your favourite thing to do at Beavers

4. Find an object for each letter of your name and take a picture of them

5. Have a campfire (this can be at home and can be real or pretend if you don’t have a garden)

6. Try and do something new and tell your Leader about it

7. Learn about Beavers in another country (they might not be called Beavers!!)

8. Take 10 photos of things that make you happy

9. Check in with a family member or friend that you haven’t seen for a long time – this might be by letter or a phone call or video chat

10. Create a new Beaver Uniform – what would you want to wear to meetings?

11. Have a go at some baking – take a picture to show your Leader

12. Build a structure or tower using anything you like – Lego, boxes etc.

13. Camp out for a night (this can be in a tent in the garden or in a den in your house)

14. Make up your own story – you can do this as a comic strip or a written story

15. Plant something to grow (flower/vegetable etc.) and take care of it at it grows

16. Draw a picture or do some writing about what you think Beavers will be like in 35 years’ time

17. Try and come up with a new invention – see if you can make it work

18. Create your own jigsaw puzzle by cutting up a picture into pieces – challenge someone to complete it

19. Read a book and tell someone what you liked about it 35 Years of Beaver Scouting

20. Go out with your family (or friends when you are allowed) on a cycle or scooter ride

21. Get an adult to help you find your pulse – see what happens to it when you do lots of running or jumping

22. Learn your full address including post code

23. Create an obstacle course in your garden or house with things to go over/under/around etc.

24. Tell your Leader about a hobby you enjoy – this can be written/drawn/or a conversation

25. Create some healthy snacks for your family (you might need an adult to help you)

26. Help out with the recycling in your home – what things can you recycle?

27. Learn a knot. If you already know one, learn a new one

28. Do a performance (song or sketch etc.) this can be to your family or, if you are brave enough, to your Colony online or at a meeting

29. Spend some time in your garden or a park to see what wildlife you can find

30. Make a card – this could be a birthday/Easter or any other kind of card

31. Go for a walk with your family and keep a note of things that you see and hear

32. Help out around the house by agreeing to do at least one chore for a week

33. Draw a picture or write about where you would like to go on holiday (when we are allowed)

34. Do one kind thing for each person that you live with

35. Plan your perfect night at Beavers and tell your Leader about it (maybe they will make it happen!)



If you have already completed some of these challenges then they can already count – for example you might have already done lots of baking!

If there are any challenges that you cannot complete please speak to your Leader and let them know!