This year the number of individual bookings to use Invertrossachs has increased by over 50%, and will probably exceed 100 in number by the time the new season starts on 1st April 2023. Whilst we welcome the increase in usage of the facilities, this can make it quite difficult for our own groups to get the bookings they want. In recognising this, we are making a change to the booking arrangements this year.

Booking enquiries for the next camping season open up at the beginning of October. From 1st October for 1 month, we are going to restrict booking enquiries to groups from within Stirling and Trossachs District, plus 1 or 2 regular users from out with the district. From 1st November we will open up bookings to any interested parties.

Enquiries for summer camps of 4 or more days duration will be considered at any time.

So those of you who like to have things planned well in advance will now have a better chance of getting the weekend you want.

Can I remind you that everyone should follow the Booking Procedure as detailed on the website (Booking Information ( A Booking Application Form and Campsite Payment Form are required for all bookings, and the four digit Booking Reference should be used on all correspondence and payments.

If water activities are required, you must apply via the Water Activity Enquiry Form for every occasion, as it is this form that is used to book the equipment. If we do not receive a form, the boats may be booked out to another group.

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