Hi everyone.

We are pushing forward with a major programme of works and are appealing for some help from groups within the district. On this occasion, we are asking for a fixed number of volunteers to help with specific tasks, for instance, on the Saturday 25th February we are looking for;

Group 1 – 4 persons – to hand-mix concrete and lay slabs for a base for a new activity equipment store, and

Group 2 – 4/6 persons - to carry out works on the new cub obstacle course, and the new backwoods cooking site (Lochside site).

Duration – 5/6 hours, starting at 9.30 a.m.

A lot of work at Invertrossachs is too physical and potentially dangerous to be carried out by inexperienced young people so, on this occasion, only those over 18 please. Explorer Scouts, if wanting to assist with projects at Invertrossachs, should undertake these as a unit on a separate day/visit/camp.

Fi Baker, Assistant Cub Leader at the 1st Stirlingshire, has taken on the role of New Works Co-Ordinator at Invertrossachs, and is helping to organise and run this (and future) workdays.

Names to myself, or Fi, maximum 10 persons

Thanks, Colin Smith

Warden, Invertrossachs

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