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First Aid (First Response) is primarily delivered as follows :
Module 10A - First Aid Theory - (this must be completed before attending 10B and takes around 2.5hours)
Module 10B is available locally by booking with  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
 The next course with availability is :
  • 11 December  1-4pm

The barrier will be locked from around 6.00 p.m. on a Friday until the Sunday evening. It will also be locked on Public Holidays.

Groups visiting Invertrossachs should follow the guidance below. 

  • Everyone in your group who is likely to visit the site is to be given the barrier access code. This will be issued to the applicant by the Booking Secretary. It will be changed monthly.
  • A responsible adult is to be in attendance at the barrier to oversee and assist vehicles, associated with the scout activity, entering (and subsequently leaving) the Estate once their child has been dropped off. Parents are to be advised of this time slot.
  • A similar arrangement and time slot is required at the end of the event.
  • Anyone entering or leaving the Estate outwith these time slots must ensure that the barrier is closed and padlocked behind them.

The important thing to remember is that the barrier should not be left open and unattended at any time.

On Mondays through to Fridays (public holidays excepted) there should be no restriction to access and you should leave the barrier as you find it.

It is hoped that with the installation of a permanaent barrier, the safety and security of the properties within the estate, including the scout centre, will be enhanced. Until such time, we will have to tolerate the present arrangement and try to manage our comings and goings so as to keep the residents satisfied.

As some of you will have experienced, access to the Estate at weekends has been disrupted during the last year, with the residents having to padlock the barrier at weekends. Day trippers, visitors and random campers have been ignoring the Private Road and No Access signs and have caused grief, disruption and aggravation to the residents, leaving them little choice but to close the barrier. The residents are now looking to install a more permanent, electrically operated, barrier, so it looks like this feature is here to stay. It will cause some inconvenience to those visiting the campsite as it will require that everyone, from parents through to leaders and helpers, will need to be notified in advance of the code number, (and yes, it will be yet another code number). However, it is hoped that with the introduction of this measure, security and safety of the camp site will be enhanced.

Carla, the Booking Secretary, will issue the code number upon receipt of bookings, We have been informed that, at the moment, the barrier will only be locked at weekends and public holidays, but I would advise that groups coming to Invertrossachs outwith these times also should still share the code with anyone likely to need access.



First Aid Training dates :
1-4pm - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 2 October
  • 13 November 
  • 11 December  

On Monday 26th April, provided that the Government lifts the restrictions on travel within Scotland, then we will be lifting the restriction on scouts from out with the District (assuming Scouts Scotland lifts its restrictions).

Currently, with only day-visits allowed, our current procedure of having at least 24 hours between groups to allow for checking and cleaning the premises, is a bit restrictive. In order to maximise the occupancy of the site on Saturdays and Sundays, members of the Service Team will undertake this check and clean on a Saturday evening so that it will allow one group to book the centre for a Saturday and another for the Sunday. Groups booking on a Saturday will require to vacate the premises by 19.00.

This will be in place from now until the end of June and applies to Saturday evenings only. The 24hr rule applies at all other times and until further notice. 


With great sadness we inform you that our much loved District Commissioner Alasdair Garbett passed away early this morning.

He passed away peacefully and on his own terms.


Alasdair was the kindest, friendliest, supportive, dedicated, loving and gentlest person and will be sorely missed by everybody he knew.

The world has lost a great person today.


Please join us in sending all your love, prayers, well wishes, thoughts etc. to Jo, Mia and family during these difficult times.

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