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This page has been created as a single point to find information about the changes to Scouting that are taking place.

All the information can also be found on the Scouts and Scouts Scotland websites:


Here is a video to put the changes into context:

A Warmer Welcome

A summary of the changes are:

  • Replacing the Appointments Committee interviews
  • Meeting with Group Lead Volunteer and another volunteer from another group to have a conversation
  • Will take place locally at appropriate location
  • Reduces admin for Team Leaders and District
  • New volunteers will have 60 days to complete the on-boarding process
A one page summary document can be found here

More Engaging Learning

A summary of the changes are:

  • Learning not Training
  • Mandatory learning still exists and will need to be renewed every 3 years
  • Wood badge is optional and is only completed once (not for every role)
  • Learning is self-led and online
  • ANY pre-provisional roles on Compass will NOT be moved to the new system
  • ANY un-validated modules will be lost when learning is moved across
A one page summary document can be found here

Simplifying Volunteering

A summary of the changes are:

  • GSL = Group Lead Volunteer
  • Section Leader = Team Leader
  • Other Leader roles = Team Member
  • You can still call yourself a Scout Leader!
A one page summary document can be found here
More information about the Group structure can be found here
More information about the District structure can be found here

Trustee Boards

A summary of the changes are:

  • New name for the Group/District Executive/li>
  • No longer involved in operational -> Governance only/li>
  • Secretary will no longer be a board member role/li>
  • There should be two 18 – 25 year olds on every board/li>
  • Will come into affect at your AGM in 2024
A one page summary document can be found here
More information can be found here

Further guidance and support will be given to help Trustee Boards manage Risk Registers etc. but for now there is some good advice that can be found here

The "New" Compass

The new system is very much still under development, however at the conference there was a demo of where they are up to and what they are hoping to do was demonstrated.

The recording can be found here

 We are in the process of changing the Invertrossachs Campsite Booking system to one hosted by Online Scout Manager (OSM). We expect this to be up and running by January 1st 2024, after which all campsite bookings must be made through OSM. This will be a great improvement as groups will be able to see live availability, reserve and amend bookings instantly online. Non-Scouting groups will able to register with OSM.

All payments will require to be made online using a debit or credit card.  All bookings must also be made at least 7 days in advance.

This will only apply to the campsite initially. As before, all visitors to the site, whether for an evening visit for a couple of hours, or a summer camp, must use this system. Booking of Water Activities will still be carried out as previously, unitl a new system is developed.

In the interim, please make your campsite booking as you have done in the past. All bookings will be transferred to the OSM system prior to it going live.



Stirling and Trossachs District Minibus

minibus1 minibus2 minibus3


Stirling and Trossachs have a minibus available for any group to hire. 


Our hiring policy and charges can be found here: Stirling and Trossachs Scout Council Minibus Hire Ts & Cs & Charges.pdf


To request to hire our minibus please download and complete these forms:

Group_Membership_Application_Form_Sep 23.docx

Stirling and Trossachs Scout Council Minibus Driver registration.docx


Please send requests and enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hi everyone.

We are pushing forward with a major programme of works and are appealing for some help from groups within the district. On this occasion, we are asking for a fixed number of volunteers to help with specific tasks, for instance, on the Saturday 25th February we are looking for;

Group 1 – 4 persons – to hand-mix concrete and lay slabs for a base for a new activity equipment store, and

Group 2 – 4/6 persons - to carry out works on the new cub obstacle course, and the new backwoods cooking site (Lochside site).

Duration – 5/6 hours, starting at 9.30 a.m.

A lot of work at Invertrossachs is too physical and potentially dangerous to be carried out by inexperienced young people so, on this occasion, only those over 18 please. Explorer Scouts, if wanting to assist with projects at Invertrossachs, should undertake these as a unit on a separate day/visit/camp.

Fi Baker, Assistant Cub Leader at the 1st Stirlingshire, has taken on the role of New Works Co-Ordinator at Invertrossachs, and is helping to organise and run this (and future) workdays.

Names to myself, or Fi, maximum 10 persons

Thanks, Colin Smith

Warden, Invertrossachs

Forth Region have updated their website and now have an information page about the adventurous activity permits.

If you are looking to find out more about what activities need permits, or want to find out more please check out the link here:


If you have any specific questions about activity permits in the district, feel free to email me directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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